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Oklah‚Äčoma Christm‚Äčas Lights

Celebrate the Holiday Season With Glistening Lighting Displays by 

Oklahoma Christmas Lights


About Our Policies 

As our Oklahoma Christmas Lights Family has grown and we continue to learn more about ourselves and our customers, we have developed a standard set of Installation practices and maintenance repair policies to ensure display quality and customer satisfaction always remain our number one focus! Please take a look below at our installation and maintenance policies for the holiday season!

Stay-Lit Guarantee

As a part of the Oklahoma Christmas Lights Family, we are proud to ensure every bulb of your display stays lit all season long! Under our Stay-Lit Guarantee, should a bulb go out, simply let us know and our well experienced team will replace the faulty bulb(s) absolutely free of charge! 

Spiral Wrap Vs Tight Wrap Trees

A question we often receive from our customers is, how do you wrap my tree with lights? Depending on the type of trees you have, we offer two different options: A spiral wrap (as shown in the top picture), and a tight wrap (as shown in the bottom picture). A tight wrap is also referred to as a "branch by branch" wrap, while a spiral wrap simply goes around the outline of the tree multiple times once above the base portion of the trunk. 

Depending on your style and budget. both types of tree wraps can make an excellent addition to your display! Because a tight wrap usually requires significantly more strands and time than a spiral wrap, it is generally the more expensive of the two options.

Inclement Weather Repairs

Due to the ever-changing, unpredictable weather we experience here in Oklahoma, we understand that your display may be altered by inclement weather during some years. Should heavy rains, wind, snow, hail, or any other extreme weather temporarily mess up your display, simply let us know, and our team will be happy to reconstruct your display as quickly as possible! For inclement weather repairs, our current rates for the holiday season are $29/service call or $2/linear foot of roof/pathway lighting and $12.50/strand of landscape/tree lighting, whichever is greater.

How We Attach Lights To Your Roof's Shingles

In order to protect your roof's shingles, Oklahoma Christmas Lights will never attach lights to your roof with staples or adhesives unless specifically requested. Per our standard method of installation, all roof lighting is attached using hard plastic clips specifically designed to hold lights securely in place while ensuring your roof's integrity remains intact!

Since the lights are attached using plastic clips rather than staples, the clips are placed on the front most facing side of the ridges and peaks per our standard method of installation. Lights can be placed on both sides of ridges/peaks upon request!